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Are you based within the Oakland Park and require help with installing a generator? Then look no further. At Oakland Park Generator Installation, we provide a comprehensive service involving generator installation. Our licensed electricians and certified generator installers can give you all the help and assistance you need to start making progress by installing a generator with ease. The best thing that you can do for yourself, your family and for your piece of mind when having a commercial or residential generator installed is have it fitted by experts who understand what they are doing.

When you hire our team, at Oakland Park Generator Installation, you get top notch expertise. You can trust that our job is done to the best possible standard. We understand the importance of taking our time when fitting generators, always following the most modern regulations for the best performance, safety, and consistency.

Having been in operation since 2014, our licensed electricians understand how important it is for a generator to be fitted properly with the right voltage and amperage to get your power on and running throughout your home.

Get Out of The Dark!

Ever been forced stay in the dark? Or been without power for an extended period of time and had no clue when power would be restored? As Florida natives, it seems like we never know when a power outage will take place.  Unless you have a romantic evening planned, being in the dark is never fun. We all know what is like to lose power and wonder when it will come back on or if our groceries will spoil in the refrigerator because you've been without power for an extended amount of time. Well, Oakland Park Generator Installation makes staying out of the dark is easy and convenient for you. If you are looking for the most reliable, knowledgeable, experienced yet affordable generator installers, we are the right ones for you!

Avoid power problems with an install from Oakland Park Generator Installation

If you have ever been through a power outage due to hurricanes, problem powerlines, etc. then you know how frustrating it is to be left in the dark for an unspecified amount of time. As South Floridians, we are used to various problems arising, but thankfully, with a generator installed, you know that you are able to deal with this problem long before it becomes a significant issue. When a power outage strikes, having a reliable backup can be all that you need to avoid this problem becoming a nightmare.

One of the most important parts of our service is making sure you have a generator that you can rely upon to get things back to normal. Whether it’s making sure you can finish cooking food, finishing work at home, or simply relaxing after a long day, reliable power is important.

With help from Oakland Park Generator Installation, we can get your standby generator installed when you need it. Now, you can make sure you are never left without power again. Get a generator installed and ensure that those wasted hours in the dark become a thing of the past.

As experts in evaluating, fitting and installing generators, we make sure you can get a competitive price on your installation. We can manage everything, and we can also provide various on-demand electrical services while fitting your generator.

Our licensed electricians can provide services for both residential and commercial. Whether you want to make sure your home or your business remains powered-up during a power surge, we can make sure you get the support that you need today.

Residential and commercial generators installed in Oakland Park

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Want to find out what the cost would be for your generator installation? Then contact the team at Oakland Park Generator Installation today. We can provide you with a free estimate for your generator cost. Now, you can make sure that when you make the decision to get a generator installed, it will be the right fit, and the right cost, for you.

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Generators are a great Investment

Oakland Park Generator Installation provides reliable and affordable generator installation services for businesses and residents in the Oakland Park area. We have over 5 years industry experience, with our team of expert generator installers providing services for both commercial and residential properties.

A good quality generator can be a life saver during those unexpected power outages common in Oakland Park and throughout the state especially during storms. Despite being blessed with beautiful weather majority of the time, Florida also sees its share of extreme weather, often causing massive power outages throughout the state.

Therefore, homeowners and businesses will certainly want to consider investing in a backup power generator to ensure minimal impact during the next power outage. When we install a generator, you get the peace of mind that your home has reliable backup source throughout the year.

Why Choose Us!​

If you are tired of the uncertainty of that comes with not having a backup power source, then call Oakland Park Generator Installation. Don't worry about outages, power issues due to down powerlines or blackouts as a result of storms. Oakland Park Generator Installation is ready to help you with your generator installation. We are certified generator contractors serving businesses and homeowners throughout Oakland Park, FL. Most people are familiar with generators, although it’s typically a portable generator that comes to mind. While portable generators are certainly reliable in a pinch, they don’t offer the same source of quality, in regards to power, as a backup generator. A backup generator is a type of generator that is permanently installed outside of a home or business premises. This type of generator automatically turns on during a power outage, being connected to a property’s main power source, which is usually gas or natural gas. We use high quality generators with a sophisticated monitoring system that automatically detects when your local power is down. Once it detects power has returned to the grid, then the generator automatically switches off. Oakland Park Generator Installation is the best option for generator installation near you.

Upfront Pricing

No need to guess about how much getting a generator installed will cost you. Our certified electricians will come do an assessment to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Great Service

We always strive to provide excellent service. Our customers are our top priority and we ensure that they are treated like family.

Qualified Experts

You will get a certified licensed electrician with experienced handling the installation of your generator.

If you live in Oakland Park then having a reliable generator installed is highly recommended. We see lots of extreme weather, including storms and hurricanes, which often cause widespread power outages, for hours or even days at a time. The generator provides a convenient source of backup power for your home, ensuring the lights stay on and you can keep using your appliances and electronics. This could be especially important for businesses, with a backup generator allowing the business to continue operating even during a power outage. Moreover, with various types of generators available, it is easy to find one that is within your size and budget requirements.

We are a team of experienced generator installers with over five years’ experience here in Oakland Park and the surrounding areas. In that time we’ve installed countless generators for both businesses and residential as well as multifamily homes, providing a dependable source of backup power. Our customer focus approach means we take the time and effort to do the job right. We’ll carefully analyze your current power systems and requirements, providing recommendations on suitable generators for your situation or even provide references for a appliance repair person to help if you have an existing system that needs to be serviced. As a local based business, we take pride in being able to help our community, especially in emergency situations. Our goal is to ensure every home and property we work on has a safe, reliable source of power throughout the year. Our entire team are fully trained and certified for generator installation in Oakland Park. 
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"Oakland Park Generator Installation did an awesome job installing a generator for my elderly parents! I wanted to make sure that my parents would be able to remain comfortable in the event of a power outage. I contacted Oakland Park Generator Installation and they came did an assessment and gave me the price. I booked them and I am happy I did (as are my parents)."
Mia Biskofsky
"My wife and I are happy we were able to get our generator installed by Oakland Park Generator Installation. They did a great job and were neat about it too. A+ job".
Chase Goodman
"Oakland Park Generator Installation were awesome and did an awesome job installing my generator!"
Adam Stevens